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Kim SørensenDJ Kim Sørensen

The first time Kim touched the 1210s was in 1994 and the joy of playing electronic music has lasted ever since. The first years it was stuff like Snap, Felix and Technotronic that used up the space in Kim´s recordbag and later on more uplifting house and clubstyle music was added.

In 1999 Kim took the natural step into setting up venues along with his djing being part of Club Fusion and this time Kim´s style took a turn into deep and tech house with a natural mix of lounge, downbeat and a bit of dub building his collection of records into what it is today.

In 2002 Kim launched his own venue in Aarhus called Club Dish and this venue has turned into one of the best house/tech venues in town with gigs alongside among others Jeff Bennett, Timewriter, Raphael Marionneau, Timo Garcia, Red Jerry, Mike Monday and Trentemoller .

In 2004 ”Kalas Day and Night” was launched by Kim, Henrik and Troels serving one of the best chillout events in Aarhus during the daytime at a local beach and at night at Café Castenskiold. Hamburg City Beach also saw a part in Kalas.

As a dj Kim has played all over the town of Aarhus at places like Kupé, Fabriken, Café Paradis, Recession and Spot festival. Vega in Copenhagen is also part of Kims´s gigs.